How To Encourage And Rebuke Your Christian Brother by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn

Titus 2:15, Psalm 19:14

Introduction: Paul concludes this practical chapter on
home relationships by reminding him of the three-fold
task of a Christian leader.

I am concerned that the, application of these life changing,
value shaping principles would do as much as any, one
thing to restore the godly purpose of the family or
the church.

Copy of Barclay's translation of

"You must be constantly speaking sound doctrine. You
must charge the senior men to be temperate, serious,
self-controlled, healthy in Christian faith, love and

"In the same way, you must charge the older women
to live in such a way as befits those who are engaged
in sacred things. You must charge them not to spread
slanderous stories, not to be enslaved with an over-
indulgence of wine, to be teachers of fine noble ideals,
in order that they may train the young women to love
and be devoted to their husbands, love their children,
and to be self-controlled, pure morally, to be home keepers,
and home minders, to be kindly, to be obedient to their
own husbands, so that no one will have any opportunity
to speak evil of the word of God."

"In the same way urge the younger men the duty of
self control. And all the time you are doing this, you
must offer yourself as a pattern of fine conduct, an
in your teaching, you must display absolute purity o
motive, dignity. A sound message, which no one could
condemn so that your opponent may be turned to shame,
because he can find nothing bad to say about us.

"Impress upon slaves the duty of obeying their own masters.
Urge them to seek to give satisfaction in every job,
not to answer back, not to steal, but to display that
they can be fully trusted with a good attitude so that
they will make the teaching of God our Savior attractive."

So three vital things we can do to enforce these teachin ...

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