Dying Grace by Miles Seaborn

11 Timothy 4:68

Intro: Why do we speak of dying to the living, to
seminary students, many in the very beginning of

First, because unless Jesus intervenes and comes first
you are going to die. Sooner or later, one way or another,
all of us will die.

Second, To die well you must live well. said,
New Testament. How you will respond to death
being constructed! Your life is being built
line by line, brick by brick, precept by precept,
right now!

Remember, not all Christians die well as they should
with dying grace.

But Paul did, so we look at his life as a pattern. The Holy
Spirit told him his life was drawing to a close. He
Is about ready to die.

Verse 6-8:1 “I am now ready to be offered to be
poured out like a drink offering upon the altar.”

A.D. 68: A place in Rome, perhaps the mamertine
prison, hole in the ground, little light and, air, swill
for food. The complaints of the living. The groans
of the dying. It was here Paul wrote this book of Second

Paul is looking back at the past. Looking on the present
situation; looking on into the future.

It is the farewell of a fighter. It is Paul taking inventory
before he goes to meet the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul is taking a look into, the past with its, victories.
He is taking a look into the present with its consolation.
He is taking a look into the future with its promises.

He has no regrets. He is as happy as can be with God's
help and direction, he has used his life like it should

ILL. of those who look back on youth as a
Blunder, on maturity as a struggle, on old age
With regret. Paul was anticipating his graduation
to glory. Little old lady said, “I’m just tickled
to death to die!”

But you! I want you as you face your dying hour wherever
whenever, however it comes to have the dying grace
that Paul had. You begin right now to build it into
your life.


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