Fathers Finding The Secret Of The Blessing Of God In Their Home by Miles Seaborn


1 Chronicle 13:13-14

INTRO: The name Obed Edom is not your basic household
word among Christians!

But in an examination of the life of this man, his
dedication, his actions, his commitment, are found
the secrets of the blessings of God.

For three months the Ark of the Covenant was placed
in his home. The scripture simply tells us that Obed
Edom, his household and everything that he had was
blessed through that experience.

Now let's find a little background about this man who
is mentioned several times in the word of God.

First, he was a Levite. 1 Ch. 26 and Verse 4 says
that he had a responsibility in the temple, full time.

Second, he was from the city of Gath, which made him
a Gathite and identified his background.

Third, the Bible says he was a gate keeper for the Ark
in l Ch. 15:18 and Verse 24. In other words, they kept
the wrong people out and let the right people in. The
safety of the Ark of the Covenant later on and the
ministry of the Jews was part of their responsibility.

Fourth, he was a talented musician. In 1 Ch. 15:20,
it lists him as one of the men who were playing harps
according to the direction of the head Levite.

He was like a hundred other men in the Bible, except
God's word says a unique blessing rested upon him.
He had found the secret of bringing the blessings of
God to his home.

Now let's examine them this morning on Father's Day,
and men, let’s take them into our hearts.


A little background helps us understand that David
had a change of plans in regard to the Ark. It had been
in the hands of unbelievers of the unsanctified, the
Philistines. And with all joy and humility he sought
to bring it to the city of God, Jerusalem. Very simply
put, David chose to do it his way instead of God's way,
and as a result the lives of men were lost. (Read and
e ...

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