Is Yours A Genuinely Christian Home? by Miles Seaborn


"Is Yours a Genuinely Christian Home?"
Deut. 6:1-25, Col. 3:18-21

Introduction: Authentic = Most of us are weary of
substitutes. We prefer the genuine to the imitation.
This is especially true in our relationship with Christ
and our relationship to other Christians and the lost

ILL. You cannot visit in Ft. Worth week
by week without hearing that familiar story,
"I have been hurt or grieved by a person
who called himself a Christian or a group
or church who acted anything but Christian."
How the world longs to see an authentic
Christian, an authentic Christian fellowship.
The church acting on God's word like we should
act and talk.

So it is with the home, often Christian in name only.
We go through the motions, say the right things, but
in the years to come see children and parents "go
down the tube."


The series behind us. How to start a family God's
way; Rearing children according to God's pattern;
Shaping the will of a child; Enhancing self-esteem;
The challenge of adolescence; Handling an older rebel;
and finally, what to do when a parent has blown it.

But what are the marks of authenticity in a real Christian
homes where these things are being put into practice.


The Challenge before us, no "real Christianity,"
no survival! Never has the challenges been greater,
More difficult to live a Christian life than before.

ILL. The solo home, one person, one parent,
The single who lived alone. Only 7% of homes
today in America have a working farther, mother
at home. Two children in home/school. One
of five of all households solo.

ILL. Alvin Toffler. The third wave (Author,
(Future Shock, 70"s) Life in the 80-2000 AD.

"A powerful tide is surging across the world
today, creating a new and often bazaar
environment in which to work, play, marry,
raise children or retire! Businessmen swim
against erratic economic currents. Politicians
see their ratings ...

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