Self Esteem, How To Encourage It! by Miles Seaborn

No. 1338
BAB, 7-18-82, PM
Ephesians 5:25-29

INTRODUCTION: One of the greatest contributions
a family can make to one another is a high self-
esteem. "Building into one another a sense of worth
and value which creates confidence."

Families are better at putting each other down than
they are building each other up, especially at mealtimes.
Open seasons at all times to point out faults, ride
the slow one, the inept one.

It is like a disease, but it is not something we have,
but something we lack self-esteem haunting
feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, uselessness.
The absence of self worth.


ILL. On the other hand, The Red Plate
that says "You are someone special! "
Ras Robinson: "We love you bulletin board."
Self esteem will not come from work, church
friends, it comes from the home or not at all.

1. VALUE OF SELF ESTEEM! Ephesians 5:25-2)
This passage is generally family-oriented and specifically
focussed on marriage -- its principle is universal!

1. Devinition of Self Esteem
"How a person feels about himself, his sense of personal
respect and his feeling of self worth. You are glad
you are you!"

(ILL. Dorothy Briggs "Your child's self esteem"
says -- your hopes for your children is based
on more than avoiding nervous breakdown --
you want God's best for them in personal life
and purpose -- happiness - how Evidence
shows that if your child has high self-esteem
he has it made. Differences lie in his attitude
toward himself. Not a noisy conflict but a
quiet sense of self respect. Building self
esteem is the greatest contribution to a child's
life outside of salvation.

But note, it is very hard for people who lack self
esteem is the greatest contribution to a child,
outside of salvation.

2. Christ's Pattern

Applies to all.
Wives given wise counsel. verse 22-24
Men spoken to. verse 25-27 (read).
Name of our sin/ all our ...

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