Keeping The Honey In The Honeymoon by Miles Seaborn



Genesis 1-31

Introduction: First principles from God that give us direct
direction to keeping the honey in the honeymoon.

ILL. How many are married? How many would
like to be? (Pastor who had a couple to marry
at the close of the service. "All those who
would like to be married come to the front and
40 people responded.")


Do you remember excitement, pride, cheerfulness, thought-
fulness, deference,(offering up burn offering)- when your
shorts came out pink you said, "That's all right, honey."
There was understanding! You overlooked almost anything.

ILL. Of Jerry Sullivan said, "Ruby and I
having a problem." I said, "What's the matter?
You all have been married a long time."
He said, "Ruby is so immature." "Is that right?"
Yes, every night she comes in the bedroom while
I'm taking a bath and sinks my boats."
(Now I just made that up!)

At any rate there develops a beautiful relationship of intimacy.
But something happens and the honey leaves the honeymoon. I
don't believe God intended for marriage done in His will and
timing to be a drag, dull, and joyless.

Five principles from God's word - THE PICTURE OF:

I. INTIMACY (Genesis 1:31)

All that God created including male/female relations
total intimacy was good!

ILL. Somehow misunderstood thought that physical
Relationships were a result of the fall and not
Intended by God! What a mistake!

1. It is a physical relationship! - Wife/Husband - (Heb. 13:4)

Marriage should be held in honor by all, and the marriage bed be
kept pure! It was already. How? Sexual impure (pornea) adultery -
3 party.

God will judge! His way - His time.

ILL. Of people say in adultery, our relationship has
God's sanction and blessing because it is meaningful.
If you are married, God says it is sin - wrong. Society
Says - But God says.


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