Unoffered And Unanswered Prayer by Miles Seaborn


James 4:2, 3
Luke 11:1-14

INTRO: In casting about for a suitable word to speak as
we glean these last few grains of truth from James, I don't
think I could bring any more appropriate or important word
than the Bible subject of prayer.

Two statements stand out:
"You have not because you
ask not,(and) you ask and receive not because
you ask amiss that you may consume it upon your

He simply says, you do not pray enough. And the second is
that you pray amiss or wrong.


There is no mistaking the meaning of that sentence.
It simply tells us, "You have not because you ask not."

We talk so much about unanswered prayer, but this sentence
reminds us of unoffered prayer. It tells us that blessings of
God are denied us because we do not ask for them.

1. How much do you pray? What would your
answer be? How much have you prayed today?
Sow much time and thought do you give to prayer?
How real and vital is prayer in your life? Do you,
like Daniel, have fixed times and places to pray?
Do you know what it means to carry out the biblical
injunction to pray without ceasing?

ILL. Right here we fail. Preachers,
as much or more than any. Not long
ago I was discussing with a group of
preachers the perils and problems of
the pastorate. This man suggested
that the peril concerning the preacher
needs to be ever on guard is about prayer,
how much do you pray? We were busy
here and there, busy finding texts, busy
making sermons, busy arranging for funerals,
busy arranging for committees for visits, for
interviews -- for endless tasks, but not a man
of us had made enough of prayer.

ILL. Do you, like Jesus, make that habit
of daily prayer? You can't afford to neglect
it, Matt.

"But thou, when thou; prayest, enter
into thy closet, and when thou hast
shut thy door, pray to thy Father whic ...

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