Are You Sharing God's Wisdom Or Yours by Miles Seaborn

No. 1268
BAB 7-19-81, p.m.

James 3:13-18

Introduction: Wisdom was a vital and important thing to Jewish
people. They realized that it was not enough to have knowledge,
you had to have wisdom to be able to use that knowledge correctly.
All of us know people who are very intelligent, perhaps almost
geniuses, yet seemingly are unable to carry out the simplest tasks
of life. They can run computers, they can put-men on the moon,
but they cannot manage their own lives.
ILL. of those involved in the space
program with one of the highest divorce
rates in the world.

James continues to exhort people in the assembly who wanted to be
teachers of the Word. It is not enough simply to stand before people
and say words, you must have something to say, and you must have
something that backs up what you said.

ILL. Someone has said knowledge enables
us to take things apart, but wisdom enables
us to put things together and to relate God’s
truth to daily life. All of us have heard
preachers and teachers say many good things
but who somehow missed the heart of God’s
message and failed to relate truth to everyday
life. It is this kind of knowledge without
wisdom that James is writing about.

Here James goes back as it were to the
beginning of the chapter and his argument
runs something like this:
“Is there any of you who wishes to be a real wise
person and an effective teacher? Then let him live
a life of such beautiful graciousness that he will
prove to all that gentleness is enthroned as the
controlling power in his heart. For if he has a

God's Wisdom or yours? 2

fanatical bitterness and if he is obviously controlled by
selfish and personal ambitions, then whatever claims he
in his arrogance may make all he does is to be false to


ILL. He uses two powerful words - "zelos" which
is the word for zeal, and then he uses the word
"selfish ...

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