Faith Vs Works Or Faith Equals Works? by Miles Seaborn

No 1262
BAB 6-28-81, a.m.
James 2:14-26
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: James has challenged us to welcome the Word into every
area of our lives. I wonder where the blue beard's closet is in
your daily Christian life?

ILL. You remember the story, Bluebeard
says to his young wife, "Here are the keys
to every room in the castle. Open them all
but this one!"

If you fail to welcome God's Word into every room and closet of
your life you are a lawbreaker!

Verse 10 (read) Stumble at one point, you are
guilty of all !

Everyone of us has at least one area of our lives where we justify
our sin (stumbling).

Bitterness - Look what they did/didn't do.
Anger - I have every right to be angry.
Lust - I can't help myself. God made me this way.

Keeping vows and promises - After all, God forgives and everyone
else, even good Christians are doing it or aren't doing it.

I'm not a legalist - I live under grace.

Verse 12--challenge through the law of
So if you stumbled at snobbery you are a lawbreaker and guilty
of all.

So James says you can't just talk a good fight in welcoming
obeying the Word into your life. You must demonstrate your faith in
relationship to God and to man.

(Quote from Chad Walsh)

' Chad Walsh wrote an intriguing
book entitled Early Christians of the Twenty-First Century, in
which he placed a burr under my mental saddle with these words,
"Millions of Christians live in a sentimental haze of vague
piety with soft organ music trembling in-the lovely light from
stained-glass windows. Their religion is a pleasant thing of
emotional quivers, divorced from the intellect, divorced from
the will, and demanding little except lip-service to a few
harmless platitudes. I suspect," he said, "that Satan can call
off his attempt to convert people to agnosticism. After all, if
a person travels far enough away from Christianity, he's always
in danger of seeing it in perspective an ...

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