God's Examination For Real Christina Living by Miles Seaborn

No. 1259
BAB 6/14/81 p.m.
James 1:26-27 (19-27)

Miles Seaborn

Introduction: Several weeks ago I asked you to write four words on
the margin of your Bible.

Remove - Verse 21a
Receive - Verse 21b
Respond - Verses 22-25
Reproduce - Verses 26-27

The great challenge of the Christian life is to Welcome the Word of
God and to Practice the Word.

Three mistakes Christians make as they look into God's Word.
1. They merely glance at themselves.
2. They forgot what they saw.
3. They failed to obey what the Word told them to do!

How do I know if I have been DOING the work and OBEYING
the Word of God? Esam.

ILL. of exam time, college & seminary.
(How much can you cram into your bean.)
One student had crammed so full he walked
around in a stupor, bloated with facts. "Don't
touch me, professor, I'll leak everything I know!"

Pure religion: "The outward practice of an inward truth" or
"the service of a god." Used only 5 times in New Testament.
Pure religion has nothing to do with ceremonies, temples, or
special days. It means protecting God's word, sharing it with
others through 1) speech, 2) service 3) separation.

It is faith in Christ that will result in love for others.

1 John 4:7-12 (read)

God's Exam pg.2

"If any man considers himself religious.." it is possible
to fool yourself! Here are the three questions. Ready for the quiz?

One of the ways to know if the word is working in your life.

ILL. Young woman at county line, Oklahoma.
"Boy, I've got religion. God has done
something to me. I haven't cursed all day!

1. This was evidently a problem in the assembly.
1:19, 2:12, 3:1-3, 14-18, 4:11-12.

2. The tongue is an index ...

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