He Drew Near And Went With Us by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Luke 24:15

INTRO. I saw a copy the other day of the JERUSALEM
NEWS. The edition was labeled "Extra," and the date
was Sunday, April 9, A.D. 30. The startling big type
headlines scream out. "Nazarene's Tomb Found Empty."
One of the column captions catches the eyes with the
lead line, "Death is now vanquished," cry converts.
Another headline says, "Body Stolen" - Pilate. No, it
was not anything from the archives of Israel, nor any
Dead Sea scroll dug up, but it was simply intended to
convey the idea, in the manner of contemporary
journalism in which we live, of the excitement, the
quality of breathlessness which the story of the Risen
Jesus races through the New Testament.

The attitude of much of the world today could be found
in an experience that happened in the life of Martin
Niemoeller on his first visit to America after WWII.
A skeptical newspaper reporter embroidered his
assessment of this great man of God with such mild
disgust when he said, "Think of it, here is a man who
spent three years in solitary confinement, and when he
comes out all he can talk about is Jesus Christ,"
Remove the huffiness of the speaker and the words
stand out like an exciting truth!

The first disciples suffered through three anguished
days when all the joy and hope they had know in Jesus
were drained away, then they came out of their prison.
They came out of their prison because Jesus came out
of His. "Then came Jesus and stood in the midst," as
we read in John 20:19.

ILL. Or as a famous writer saw this experience
through the eyes of a Roman soldier who in answer
to the question of Pilate's panic-stricken wife
about a way of escape, Jesus said, "Where is he
now? Let look in the world, Lady, neither Roman
nor Jew can stop His truth nor imprison Him."

So when Jesus came forth from the grave, Easter was on
its way. Man ...

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