The Two Sides Of Easter by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Rev. 21:5, II Corinthians 5:17

INTRO. "The He who is seated upon the throne said,
See I am making all things new! ... If a man be in
Christ, he becomes a new person altogether. The past
is finished and gone, everything has become flesh and
new." Rev. 21:5, II Corinthians 5:17

The mood of our age of disillusionment is aptly
portrayed in Pinero's play THE SECOND MRS. TANQUERAY.
The heroine, an intriguingly beautiful woman who has
had many lovers, finally meets a man with whom she
falls in love. Emotions are stirred within her that
lust had long quelched. He is handsome and
personable, a man who enjoys the prestige of wealth
and a long respected name. He seems to be all that a
woman might want in a husband and a father for her
children. His love is selfless; he desires above all
else to make up to her somehow for the years of
sordidness she has endured.

They sit down like the intelligent people they are and
attempt to foresee all the possible threats to their
marital happiness because of the hangovers of her
past. This may happen, what will we do? This former
lover may call, what will we say? They are completely
sincere, almost naive; there is no hint of the morbid
or sordid, no thought of forces outside themselves
that might bring destruction to their well-made plan.
It is beautiful, idyllic, and seems certain to

But they find that despite their noblest efforts, they
are using only the same old inadequate blocks that
proved tragic before. They are only rearranging the
furniture of their lives and the new room fails to
make old furniture new. Too late they discover the
impossibility of their task. The suicide of Paula
Tanqueray comes as an inevitable conclusion. Just as
she is about to take her life, Paula speaks the key
line of the play: Tomorrow is but yesterday entered
thro ...

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