Revival, Its Cause And Result by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
2 Kings 17:9-18 and 22:208, 11-13; 23:2-3

INTRO. This week set aside for a spiritual renewal of
God's people. Reviving that which is alive, but
dormant or weak. Some would wonder why revival
(emotionalism). This is God's plan. Study the Bible
and you find this cycle.

1. God's people blessed, righteous, prospering

2. God's people rebellious, willful, sinning

3. God's people punished, visited by their sin
and God's punishment

4. God's people repenting, confession of sin,
agreeing with God

5. God's people forgiven, restoration

This cycle repeated over and over. Now where are you
in this spiritual cycle?

Oh, how our country, our state, our church, ourselves,
need this spiritual refreshing! It blares to us on
every hand - our nation near chaos, our world trembles
on brink of disaster, rushing to cataclysmic
destruction, rocking, reeling.

Now, let's examine God's Word:


A generation that would not hear. Would not listen to

1. Stiff-necked and willful - led to unbelief in
the Lord God. Each becoming a law unto himself.
Children, yes, but also the adults, teachers,
labor unions say, "I've got to get mine today."

ILL. Bill Pogue conquer space, but can't
conquer human nature.

2. Vanity. No need for God, glorification of
the human personality. Romans 1:19b-25 Verse 15B
Oh, vain man, who can tap the secrets of the
universe but can't control his own problems of
sin and self.

3. The law and will of God was abandoned.
Purpose and direction were lost. They forgot the
law that says: "Thou shall love the Lord, thy
God with all thine heart. v. 15a They forgot - ...

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