Revival On A Rooftop by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Mark 2:1-12

INTRO. From the first sentence of this story, en, as
well as God played an important part in the
forgiveness and healing of others.

Jesus had come to town. Capernaum, edge of the sea, a
natural amphitheater that looks down to the water's

1. People for miles around could see and hear
all that happened there.

ILL. The world watches, you know -
neighbors, co- workers, family - they view
and measure our lives. When, anything out
of the ordinary happens, they know and are

2. Not only that, but wherever Jesus was, things
began to happened.

ILL. Individuals who say, "Oh, yes, I'm
all right, walking with Jesus. But defeats
the same, sin is the same, one-step
forward, two back. When Jesus is present
and in control - difference!

Churches - nothing happening, going through
the motions. Beware, when Jesus is Lord,
there is always activity of some kind (dead
man, be still).

What happens when Jesus "entered."


1. It was noised about - "gossiped" talked
about. Oh, the power of a personal message.

ILL. We spend millions to try to duplicate
the power of the tongue.

ILL. When people are changed, saved, made
new, purpose given, people talk. Not just
the building not just the program not just
the preacher ole so-and-so got saved!


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