Achan Of The Tribe Of Judah Was Taken by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Joshua 7:18

INTRO. God's people eat of the fruit of the land
promised them so long ago! For the first time in 40
years they had legitimate grounds to celebrate "The
day to be remembered in a land to be possessed because
that day, God had "called away the approach of Egypt
from off them! They had the feast of a victorious
Christian life, because purification as well as
provision and protection had been theirs! Verse 6-9
tells of the circumstances of the male children
"uncircumcised as they traveled on the 40 year way".
It was a service of purification - putting off of the
flesh - so the spirit might live in victory and joy!

So they camped by the mighty city of Jericho. Jericho
was one of the largest and richest cities in all
ancient Canaan. But for the terrible ban pronounced
on Jericho by Joshua, this city might have taken the
place of Jerusalem itself of the chief city in Israel.

It was situated on the crossroads of commerce and
travel. It was walled 15 feet broad all around.
Great gates were shut each night at sundown. There
were great foundries of brass and iron. Worships of
gold and silver dotted the city. The looms of
Babylonia, famous already over all the eastern world,
had found their way to Jericho. One of the garments
from these looms plays a great part in the tragic
history that opens before us today.

This rich, licentious city was doomed of God, but no
part of its wealth - neither thread nor shoe string
was to be so much as touched by Joshua or any of his
armed men.

Every single soldier in all Israel had heard Joshua's
proclamation about Jericho and what they were to do.

But war is war and the best of commanders cannot make
war a silkened work nor can he hold down the devil in
the hearts of all men - and her My Lai = a spiritual
Vietnam experience in the life of one man and God's
people. And Joshua and al ...

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