Jacob - Be Sure You Sins Will Find You Out by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Galatians 6:7; Genesis 27:18-24. 27:43, 29:17, 32:9-32,

INTRO. If there ever was a paradox in God's Word, it
was Jacob! No Old Testament saint saw more favor and
forgiveness than he, and yet with all that the sins of
Jacob's youth and the great sinfulness of his heart
found him out every day that he lived until the day of
his death!

The name of Jacob appears more times in the Bible than
any name except the names of God! God regularly calls
himself "The God of Jacob." But when God refers to
the family of God, He calls Himself "The God of
Jacob." For you see Jacob is the old fleshly name of
man isn't it! Jacob himself is called Israel only
after his experience with god - that divine wrestling

Now let me draw the parallel this morning! Jacob knew
God as a young man. I believe he was much a child of
God as a man could be in the Old Testament looking
forward to his salvation - but so much of his living
even for God was done through his old fleshly nature.
It was Jacob living for God.

But one day he could run no further, scheme no more,
guide his destiny not one step further - and he
wrestled with not only God, but himself! Jacob died
there! Self was crucified there. The flesh was
reckoned dead there and He began to live by God's
spirit, by God's wisdom and God called him Israel -
Prince of God - and his life took on a new dimension!

Oh, how desperately many of us here this morning need
an experience like Jacob's! We have known grace and
salvation, but our spiritual lives have grounded to a
halt! Little or no oil of the Holy Spirit, the joy of
salvation no longer ours! God wants to open our eyes
through the experience of Jacob.

I. THE SEEDS OF SIN - (Galatians 6:7)

Jacob, from the very first of his life tried to live
up to his name - surplanter - or deceiver. His life
style was formed upon dece ...

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