Lot - 'SAVED As By Fire' by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Genesis 12:4; 13:1-12; 19:1-38; Luke 17:28, 32
2 Peter 2:7-8; I Cor.3:10-15

INTRO. Lot had such a good beginning in his religious
life - a godly uncle like Abraham. He must have had
good about him to begin with! He left his youth,
friends to set out, "He knew not whether."

Lot began his life in the right way. He went with
good men - are not as gifted as Abraham was. All men
are not called as Abraham was called. All men are not
made to lead - all men are not fitted to be explorers
and pioneers in religion and morals any more than in
science or oil or business or public life.

No better thing for a young person to do than to
follow a good and righteous man who loves God and
walks with his hand in God's hand. Have a godly model
for your life -

Had he just been content to share Abraham's prospects
for peace and prosperity Lot would have live a pure,
happy life! He would have escaped many sorrows and
instead of being scarcely saved, really saved as by
fire, with the smoke of Sodom and Gomorrah smoldering
in his skirts, he would have gone to his grave of good
report and full of faith!

As long as he stayed with Abraham all went well. He
worshipped where Abraham worshipped. Abraham shared
with him any word of the Lord. How this should speak
to us about friends and companions. Stay with those
who will encourage your faith and devotion to God!

ILL. of Solomon - 1 Kings 4:20-34; 10; 11:1-12
I see so much of me in Lot - so much of many
Christians of our day.

There are so many even some of us here today who begin
so well - who are saved - who choose to stand on God's
side who have the basic qualification of a Christian
but that's all! Remember its not how you begin, but
how you finish that counts!

Listen carefully - do you see some of Lot or "A lot of
Lot" in your life - consider his actions and his


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