David In His Graces (4 of 4) by Miles Seaborn

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A Man After My Own Heart
Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Samuel 17:44-52, Psalm 139:1-23

INTRO. The Bible is such a compelling book! It is
absolutely frank and uncompromising. It tells of the
shame and wickedness of its heroes without any
concealment or reserve. When David sins, he does not
escape! He pays for his mistakes, and when he has
paid all he can and still owes, God takes over his
debt and cancels it out. Hear Psalm 32 in the Living

After a man dominates an era, history then ceases to
be a chronological series of events and become
biography. Such a man is David. Last week we viewed
him in the dust of defeat and sin. Today we view him
in the sweetness of his graces.

GRACE - The good points of his life that had matured
and grown strong during David's life. Let's name them
for our help and understanding.


Pascal once said about faith, "We all believe in that
dead word, God, but there is only one here and another
there who really and truly believes in the living
ever-present, all-present God."

In David's heart in his pure courageous, noble youth;
all through his hunted down days; fallen and broken
and full of the pains of hell, filling up his dreary
gift of years, David is always the miracle of faith in

1. In his youth. Hear what David says to the
Philistine giant about God and you will see his
youthful faith in God. 1 Samuel 17:44-52

2. In his maturity. Psalm 139:1-23
It is safe to say that David, the author of this
psalm and Jesus of Nazareth, the finisher of it,
are like only two saints and sons of God on the
face of the earth who have ever taken up,
understood and unceasingly employed in their
prayers that great believing psalm.

ILL. They were the only two - Father and
Son to whom a voice came from heaven
saying, "Thou art a man after mine own
heart," and, "This is my beloved Son in

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