David, His Vices (2 of 4) by Miles Seaborn

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Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Samuel 21:1-15

INTRO. "There is a way which seemeth right unto man,
but the end thereof are the ways of death," so says

Do you remember the story of the king who was
approached by a wise vagabond who told him he could
spin the finest cloth in the world and that only the
completely honest could see it? The cloth was
supposedly brought in each day for inspection and
admiration. The king "Oh' and Ah'd," all the people
caught up in this great lie also praised the naked
king, till one honest boy said, "The king is naked."

Such is the truth of sin and selfishness. David in
his greatness was human and selfish, and today's
sermon brings this home. That in every Christian's
life, great or small, there are spiritual blindspots.
Three stand out in David's life. Perhaps hundreds
stand out in mine as a result of preparing this


1. We linger on the fall of David in adultery
and great it was. His life never the same from
that time on, but what so displeased God was what
followed. "It was David's sin of deliberation
and determination, rather than his sin of sudden
and intoxicating passion that even more grieved
the heart of God." It was both matters, both
sins, but we cannot overlook that it was after a
12-month period of self deceit, outward and
inward hypocrisy and silence on David's part that
Nathan was sent to David in holy indignation.

2. How a man like David could have lived all
that time soaked to the eyes in adultery and
murder is simply inconceivable except if we had
not each in our heart played the role of David
over and over. We stop point a finger at David
and see the deceitfulness of our hearts. "I
myself am David, I am that self-deceiving man."

3. What could have been his reasons? We can

1) What could David have said to himself?
"I am the ...

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