Four Cameos Of Character Surrounding David (1 of 4) by Miles Seaborn

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Dr. Miles Seaborn
2 Samuel 9:1-13; 15:12, 19-22; 16:5-13; 17:23

INTRO. Illustration of the sinking of the Titanic.
Some couldn't leave money, some couldn't face death
and pushed women and children away to jump in the life
boats. Some couldn't face separation. Some couldn't
face responsibility, left their posts and ran to the

So often nobody but you and God know the real you! It
takes a certain circumstance or experience for the
real you to pop out.

David's life is surrounded with people who, through
the ups and downs of the king's life, found themselves
face-to-face with themselves. Some of these will be
names you have never heard or never notice in reading
God's Word. I have called the "cameos" because their
response stands out in such sharp relief we can make
no mistake as to what it was.

We left David mourning the death of Absolom, his son.
All Jerusalem heard his cry, "Absolom, Absolom, my
son, Absolom - would God I had died."

Remember this, David troubled not Ammon because he
loved him. When we fail to trouble our children who
are wrong, we surely trouble ourselves, and many
others in the coming days. Absolom troubled his
father and the whole land because of David's


1. Greatest counselor, adviser in Israel!

2 Samuel 15:12 - "David's counselor."
2 Samuel 17:23 - His counsel as from God.

2. Psalm 55 tells us Ahithophel and David were
great friends, equals, perhaps childhood friends.
They walked in the house of God in company.

3. Yet when Absolom turned against his father,
David, this bosom friend turned traitor! 2
Samuel 15:12 - Why?

It seems that Bathsheba was his granddaughter
2 Samuel 11:3 - 2 Samuel 23:34 - Eliam,
Bathsheba's father was his son.

Perhaps it would have taken our Lord Jesus
Himself to continue that sweet counse ...

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