Isaac and Rebekah: A Family in Discord by Miles Seaborn

Isaac and Rebekah: A Family in Discord
Miles Seaborn
Genesis 25:28

INTRO. Family problems and breakdowns are no new thing. True, they have grown to what the National Family Service Assoc. calls ''epidemic'' proportions and now ranks as America's No. 1 social problem.

Billy Graham's magazine, Decision, quotes Dr. George Mace of the University of California as saying, ''The decline of modern marriage has reached the point where the happily married couple seems to be the oddity.''

ILL. BYOB, ''Bring Your Own Bovanac (sic)''. Judge Oz Quickman: no models, positive/negative.

He lists the following statistics: ''40% of all US marriages end in divorce, annulments, or desertions.'' (Dallas/Ft. Worth - 54%) Add the number of wives and husbands who are just plain bored with each other or simply put up with one another and we can say at least 76% of all marriages are failures to a great degree.'

ILL. Metropolitan Life survey of 180,000 under 30 said 72% choose a happy marriage and home life as #1 priority/goal, yet 50-60% saw no harm in living together, abortion, premarital sex, etc.

What is happening to our homes? God's Word gives us some insight into this conflict. One verse says so much in such a little space.

(Genesis 25:28) - ''And Isaac loved Esau, because he did eat of his venison: but Rebekah loved Jacob.''

Now let's examine the lives of a family in conflict. A father, a mother, children...


He looked so pale in comparison to his father Abraham. What do your remember about Isaac?

ILL. The high water mark of the life of Isaac was in Genesis 22, when he surrendered his life to the will of his father Abraham to sacrifice his life on Mt. Moriah.


''Do nothing, go with the flow.'' He put his leadership and interests toward other areas - hunting, fishing, earthy. (He let a servant choose his wife!)

Isaac did not have an outgoing personality. His whole li ...

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