Samson - Early Years by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Judges 16

INTRO. He had the right beginnings, godly parents
offered son to God, heavenly plan for his life - his
birth promised by angels.

Summed up in verses 24-25 - the child grew and God
blessed him! But Samson thought he knew more than God
and his parents - verses 1-4 (v. 38b please ME well no
thought of God!)

vs. 4 - It was not of the Lord - his father and
mother, were they to blame? Perhaps, a constant yes
is not the best thing for anyone! But there comes a
time we must choose for ourselves!

Samson's riddle - lion and honey.

His fellowman delivered him to Philistines. Yet God's
spirit still dealt with Samson! 16:14

II Peter 3:9 - longsuffering God.

I. SIN IS BLINDING (16:1 - a harlot)

1. All of his vows - his purity laid aside for
the pleasure of the flesh!

ILL. This is the world - I'm a Neanderthal
You're a Neanderthal girl
Let's make Neanderthal love
In this Neanderthal world!

She found his secret - cut his hear.

vs. 20 One of the ...

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