Jonathan - Nabal, A Study In Men by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Samuel 14:13-16, 18:1-5, 20:14-16, 23:16-17,
25:5-11, 25:36

INTRO. "I'd rather try to cool off a volcano than
heat up an iceberg," Dr. Sullivan quoted the head of a
large business. He preferred honeybees to drones. He
would take the stings any day if only he could get the
honey. There is so much good about youth and being

The best quote I've seen, "Every horseman knows that
working to control a spirited horse is better than
trying to motivate a lazy old nag." Time and years
have an amazing way to adding that missing ingredient
- maturity.

Two men stand out today and I give them to you to
consider, young people, as examples of what you can
let God do in your life if you so choose.

I. JONATHAN - "The son of Saul - the Prince of
Israel." (His name - Jehovah has given) Devoted to
his father; never lied to him nor tried to deceive

1. He had a great faith in God - 1 Samuel 14:6
Background - Saul had disobeyed God; made
sacrifice in the place of worship for Samuel -
surrounded by Philistines - yet he challenged the
enemy. Asked God to make a way.

1) Verse 6 - God can do a miracle. It
makes no difference to him how many enemy
troops there are. He took his eyes off the
circumstances and placed them on God and
this is faith! (Waited for God's sign -
the reply of men) Verses 13-14.

2) Jonathan did his part - 13-14
God did his (15-16) The enemy against
itself - God's doings!

2. He had great encouragement - 1 Samuel 23:16-
17 "Blessed are the peacemakers," "Blessed are
the encouragers." David depressed, discouraged,
had obeyed God, done right but was afflicted.
Needed an uplift.

1) "Jonathan strengthened his hand in
God." (His faith in God) Foresighted
enough that when David's life was at lowest
ebb to look ahead when all these thick
clouds of troubles would blow a ...

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