Elisha, Man with a Double Portion by Miles Seaborn

Elisha, Man with a Double Portion
Miles Seaborn
2 Kings 2:9

INTRO. Of all the things he could have asked for, Elisha asked for God's best!

ILL. Did you as a child ever play the game of saying if you had 1 wish, what would you wish for? Most of the time for me it was all the money in the world!

How often we misguide our children by our values. Physical, beauty, material possession. We fail to convey to them that we would rather have them pure in heart, dependable, honest, loyal, seeking God's will and best above all others. Then it should come as no surprise that they strive for those values we have stressed or glorified in our home attitude.

What do you ask for when you want God's best? Elisha asked for a double portion of the Spirit that had guided, motivated, and empowered Elijah - how wise he was!

Now when we ''let a double portion of the Spirit of the Living God fall on us.'' Note - ''He did not ask that he possess ''it'' but for ''it'' to be upon me! God's Spirit is not something we possess, but that possess us!

What do we want to do with ''that blessed gift from God?''

1. James 4:2b-3 - Be careful when you ask for a double portion of the Spirit of God to possess you!

ILL. To be great preacher - pastor To put someone in their place To consume it upon our lust

How did the double portion of God manifest itself in Elisha?


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