Josiah, A Man With A Tender Heart by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
2 Chron 34; 2 Kings 22:23

INTRO. What would you do if at 8 years of age you had
been appointed King over a great nation. Both your
father and your grandfather had great kingdoms and had
lead the country in idol worship and terrible growing
sins? How would you rule? How would you begin with a
background like that?

This was the exact situation of our Bible study today
- Josiah was placed upon the throne of Israel at 8.
Josiah's father and grandfather were the two worst
kings that sold Israel into slavery - He inherited
from them an name of shame, a divided and distorted
kingdom; an undermined throne, nation, religious and
public worship debased and the fearful judgment of a
righteous Holy God!

All we know about Josiah's mother is her name, nothing
more. But we can assume that somewhere in all she
endured as Amon her husband reigned (Verse 23: but
Amon transgressed more and more) caused her heart to
"be tender and turn to the living God."

ILL. Alex Whyte said, "If a boy has a good
mother and a good minister, he is all but
independent of his father." Perhaps that is
true but it should not have to be - God intended
for a father to teach a son the ways of God and
principles of truth. It is only a father default
or loss that a pastor should proved that
leadership. I will always turn children and
young people back to their parents for
instruction, direction and correction.

But he did have the counsel of Jeremiah every Sabbath
day in the ruins of the temple and the mother Jedidah
in his home. He sought his own personal experience
with God! Chapter 34:3 - He began to seek after the
God of David his father. No one's religious
experience can be yours! David's God nor Jedidah's
God nor Jeremiah's God will do for Josiah. No second
hand experience - till he could say... "Thou are my
God. Early will I seek thee O, Lord, tru ...

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