Enoch Walked With God by Miles Seaborn

Enoch Walked With God
Miles Seaborn
Genesis 5:22, Hebrew 11:5-6, Jude 1:14-15

INTRO. Little said of Enoch in God's Word - why use him as an example - 4 passages of scripture - that deal with this man. We know little of the method of his life, but we know the result of his life, and that is what counts! Enoch walked with God and he was no more!

If even one of us was God's child could this day catch the inspiration of walking with God, how great the victory, how well worth the time!

What do we know of Enoch, this one of two men listed in God's Word who did not die?

He was seventh in the line of listed men born upon this earth. He lived on this earth 365 years He walked with God - Genesis He pleased God - Hebrews 11 He prophesied for God - Jude He believed God - Hebrews He did not die - God was not bound by the laws of nature.


All for Adam had begat children and died - but what arrests us is that Enoch walked with God after the birth of his first child!

When he saw that babe in his arms - bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh - he took his first step with God.

1. The tremendous responsibility of parenthood - the tremendous opportunity of parenthood.

From that day - his heart never grew cold again, never hard again - never forgot or neglected God again.

As those children grew, Enoch's faith grew until at last he was no more - God took him.

2. The inheritance of the children what memories of their father. List of school children made for their teachers ''Who would you like to become like'' - only one said father or mother!

3. When do we begin to walk with God? Your first step in the direction of the will of God is not taken when you put on Sunday clothes and walk quietly to your pew - it is taken when we put on humility on our proud heart, when we fill our hearts full of meekness, contriteness.

This happened to Enoch when he looked down and saw hi ...

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