I Am The Resurrection And The Life (5 of 10) by Miles Seaborn

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Dr. Miles Seaborn
John 11:24

INTRO. If any one experience in Jesus' life led to
His death it was this experience between Jesus, His
dead friend Lazarus and the sorrowing sisters, Mary
and Martha. Verse 45 thru 53 records the reaction of
the Jewish leaders and from this point on they begin
to plot His death!

What was the background? Friends of Jesus - often a
guest in their home. Deep love and appreciation -
here a message comes, Lazarus is very, very sick. He
waited for two days then said let's go to Judas -
frightened disciples - because it was here Jesus' life
was threatened (to be stoned). But Jesus reminded them
I have a divine purpose - that you believe!

MARTHA - ran to meet him - if you had been here my
brother would not have died.

MARY - the same experience.

Jesus said you brother will rise again.


1. No place in all of God's Word that portray
any more vividly man's helplessness in the
presence of death.

1) Lazarus himself is dead, unable to
fight off death's grip.

2) Thomas speaks of disciples dying with
Jesus 11:16

3) Martha could think only of her
brother's death

4) Mary the same 11:32

5) The Jews who had come to comfort are
seen weeping 11:33

6) Even as Jesus stood before the grave,
they had no idea that Jesus was to rebuke
death and bring forth life!

2. But physical death but a figure or shadow of
spiritual death far more dreadful. Natural man
death in trespasses and sin - wages of sin is
death - this is the real enemy Jesus came to
grapple with.

We are alive worldward, selfward, sinward but
dead Godward!

ILL. Lazarus was dead for 4 days. His
body was already corrupting. In the same
way, spiritual death of man is plainly
evident by the corruption of his heart and
life! Here is the world helpless bef ...

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