I Am The Door (3 of 10) by Miles Seaborn

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I AM THE DOOR (3 of 10)
Dr. Miles Seaborn
John 10:1-10

INTRO. Not long ago our family watched the movie Ali
Baba and the 40 Thieves. You remember it well how Ali
hid and watched the leader of the band of 40 thieves
speak to a great stone and when the words "open
sesame" was spoken a great stone door moved aside to
reveal a cave filled with jewels, gold and wealth
untold. What a door that was. It seems that much of
our world and many of us are hoping against hope to
discover somewhere, somehow, the words and the door
that will reveal the "good life" we all yearn for.

Doors are so important to our lives - we spend a great
deal of time going in and out. Doors offer
protection, but doors can also keep us from places we
would like to go. The dictionary says a door is a
movable barrier, by which our entrance way is closed
or opened. That's what is so important about a door.
It depends on which side you are on as to whether it
keeps unwanted people out or keeps out people who want

The world is and has been from the beginning trying to
find the right door that will lead to joy and
security, and the presence of God.

They have tried the various doors that have not opened
or if they have, they have led to nowhere.


ILL. of E. Stanley Jones - was challenged by a
Confucian when the missionary claimed salvation.
Said the Confucian: "I would consider it
egotistical to claim that I had already attained
salvation." The preacher answered, "So would I
if I claimed I have attained it, but my salvation
is not an obtainment. It is a gift from
Christ!" A godly character is from God and
comes from inside!


The have dived in the cesspools of sin and come up
with filth not pearls.

THE DOOR OF GOOD INTENTIONS - "Lord, have we not done
mighty works in your name." "Depart - I never knew

But consider Jesus, the d ...

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