I Am From Above (2 of 10) by Miles Seaborn

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I AM FROM ABOVE (2 of 10)
Dr. Miles Seaborn
John 8:21-25

INTRO. Illustration of man at mission day - 100 years
old - too late. How many times have you watched some
train of life's experiences disappear down the track
and then realized you should have been on it?

Person you should have married.

Job or vocation you should have taken.

Some of the missed opportunities you can make up, but
there are some that will never pass you way again!

This was the fatal incomprehension of the Jews in our
scripture this morning, and more personally you!

Jesus begins by telling His opponents that He is going
away, and that after He is gone, they will realize
what they have missed and they will search for Him and
not find Him. They will discover their mistake too

This should remind us of at least three things:

1. There are certain opportunities which come
and never return

2. Implied by Jesus that life and time are

3. Opportunity involves judgment. The greater
the opportunity, the greater the judgment if it
is refused and missed.

Jesus presented Himself with mighty words and works.

He came unto His own, but His own knew, recognized and
accepted Him not.


Verse 23 - "I am from above, you are from below. You
are of this world, I am not. What is the world?
Kosmos - the opposit ...

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