They Presented Him Gifts by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Matt. 2:1-13

INTRO. The newspapers and televisions have reminded
us that Christmas shopping with all of its hustle and
bustle and worry and strain began earlier this year
than any time in the history of our country. So much
for our understanding of Christmas is wrapped up in
giving and in gifts.

Gifts and Christmas means different things to
different people. As someone has said, Christmas is
giving - but its meaning is different from person to
person. To a merchant it might mean the jangle of a
cash register that makes or breaks him for the year.
To a younger child a visit from Santa Claus; to older
children two weeks vacation from school. To a father
financial headaches; to a mother hours of baking,
decorating, gift-wrapping. But certainly Christmas is

Giving played a large part in that first Christmas
long ago.

GOD GAVE HIS SON. The words of John 3:6 rings still
true today that Jesus came from His father as a free
and unselfish gift with no strings attached.

so gave the Son voluntarily emptied Himself of His
power and prestige to come to earth in human form and
walk as a man among men.

MARY GAVE HER PRAISE. When she learned that she was
to be the earthly mother of this Christ-child, she
poured out her praise to God for having been chosen
for this great honor. (Luke 1:46-55)

THE WISE MEN GAVE GIFTS; gold, frankincense and myrrh
- given as a symbol of their adoration and loyalty to

There are certainly things that we can give to God in
celebration this year. We can give Him our praise.

We can give Him our gifts.

We can give Him our life.

But what was the background for the insight that Paul
had when he spoke and said, "Thanks be unto God for
His unspeakable gift."

Look at the people that were involved in the
preservation of the King.


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