Christmas Means The Gathering Of Broken Pieces by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Luke 2
Luke 19:10

The Duke of Norfolk once sent the King of England a
priceless treasure as an expression of his love and

It was the Portland Vase, a rare antique. Because he
wanted to share his treasure with the nation, the King
had the vase place in the British Museum.

At a later date, so the story goes, came disaster. It
began in the Duke's own home. His chief servant,
puffed up with pride, began to plot to overthrow the
Duke. He was caught, and dismissed from service.

Eaten up with hatred, the servant vowed to get even
with the Duke. His bitter mind brooded on a scheme
that he knew would bring personal distress to the Duke
and his household, a scheme centering on the Portland

The servant packed his goods and left for London. He
went to the British Museum to find the exact location
of the Portland Vase. While unobserved, he worked out
his plan of action.

Eventually, visitors left that area of the museum, and
attendants were out of sight. Quickly and quietly he
climbed over the barrier. At last his moment of
revenge had come. Hatred blinded him to caution . . .
a quick check showed that nobody was in sight. With
both hands he grasped the beautiful masterpiece and
raised it high above his head. then with all his
might he sent it crashing to the ground. His evil
work was done.

The crash echoing through the corridors of the museum
quickly brought attendants to the scene. Too late!
The priceless Portland Vase was smashed into a
thousand pieces. Shocked and grieved, the attendants
swept up the shattered pieces. The antique was broken
beyond repair - or so it seemed.

"Save every piece," the King said when hearing of this
tragedy. "This is my most precious and treasured
gift. We'll search for the man who can repair it, no
matter what it costs."

So the search for a craftsman to repair t ...

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