Christ, Crowded Out by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Luke 2:7

There was no room for Him in the Inn.

INTRO. The Roman Empire ruled the world. The city of
Rome was capital. Caesar Agustus was the Emperor. He
issued a decree that all over the Empire people were
to go to their native place and have their names
enrolled there. The object of this was to levy taxes
on all for the support of the government.

This decree left two alternatives: obedience to it or
suffer punishment. This put the whole inhabited earth
on the move. Every means of transportation was
brought into use. On horses, camels and donkeys,
people rode or traveled on foot. The highways were
crowded. The inns could not accommodate the crowds.
People were compelled to sleep wherever they could
find shelter.

Bethlehem, only a small town, was overcrowded. It was
the native place of King David. His descendants how
scattered for and wide where there.

The mother of Jesus and her espoused husband, Joseph,
came to Bethlehem. They were doubtless in humble
circumstances, without the prestige and influence of
wealth. The inn-keeper either could not or would not
admit them. A cave dug out of the porus rock of that
land was used for a stable. That was the only
accommodation Joseph could secure, and there the
Savior was born.

The story is a record of historical facts that
occurred. It is also a picture of spiritual facts
that occur every day. Jesus was crowded out then and
He is crowded out now.

The inn-keeper that allowed Christ to be crowded out
did not realize what he was doing. Without realizing
it men of today are allowing Christ to be crowded out
of their lives.

1. He is crowded out of the thoughts of man.
Many people do not think at all. They are moved
by inward impulses or react to outward
impressions-they live on a plane only slightly
above an animal existence.

Have you ...

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