The Privilege And The Task by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Corinthians 9:15-23

INTRO. Two years ago at Texas University, I met 9
former pastors, now working on Doctor's Degrees in
counseling. In talking to them, I found a variety to
reasons for their leaving the ministry. The main
cause was a frustration because people did not follow
their leadership and were unresponsive and cold-
hearted! People were at fault - people were the
reason for their putting aside the call of God!

Some men leave the ministry because they sincerely
feel they have misinterrupted the call of God, and if
they have, this is as it should be! For countless
others and for ourselves, we need to hear again and
rethink Paul's words on the privilege and the task of
preaching God's Word!

Remember that Paul is still on this theme of Christian
liberty, and in our scripture passage tonight, he is
saying in effect, "I am restraining my liberty because
of the needs of others."

What was Paul's concept of his ministry?


1. The one thing Paul was insisting was that he
would not take money for working for Christ. His
primary duty was to help others, not just find a
way to help himself.

ILL. Famous professor retired - he thanked
the university for paying him a salary all
those years for something he would have
gladly paid to do!

2. A privilege of investment. No greater area
of dividing than investment of time influence in
people's lives. No greater area of return - than
this, the spiritual.

3. Privilege to be a servant of God and His
people! Honor to serve our president - He is a
great person how much greater to serve God!

II. HE REGARDED IT AS A DUTY! - verse 16-17

1. If Paul had simply picked the preaching
ministry as a vocation of life, he might have
demanded payment for his work. But the work had
chosen him! (verse 17 - For God has picked me

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