Jesus Interview With A Tree Climbing Politician by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Luke 19:1-10

INTRO. Two men would never forget the last time Jesus
passed through Jericho. In most way, they were a
contrast, one a blind man forced by hunger to beg for
a living by the side of the road, but what of the
other man? The Bible sets the stage for his
description - it simply says, his name was Zaccheaus,
a kind of a Joke with the people of Jericho for his
name meant "pure" or "innocent." This man was neither
pure - nor innocent. He was a crooked politician; a
tax collector turned traitor, who was litterly robbing
his own people - yet Jesus saved them both. Verse 10
says - "For the Son of Man is come to seek and save
that which is lost."

But what of this tree climbing politician? Let us
examine the conversations and actions between these
two and see how Jesus led Zaccheaus from Sin to the

I. AS MAN SAW ZACCHEAUS (Verse 7 - and when they saw

1. Chief Publican - an outcast

2. and He was "Rich" rich in the things of the
world, but poor in 1) the things of Gods 2) the
love and respect of fellowman. The things that
last. A good name is to be desired above riches.

Rev. 3:17

ILL. of Solomon even when a man is a Christian,
riches can not take the place of Go ...

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