Jesus Is Passing By by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Luke 19:1-10

INTRO. A 35 million dollar satellite launched Feb.
1984. Something went wrong. For more than a day it
was lost in the vast space of heaven, silent, unseen,
lost. But within a matter of hours, the USA
electronic equipment went into action and pinpointed
the exact location of that tiny speck of metal in the
sky above us. Amazing! It reminded me of another
amazing experience in God's Word when something small
and lost wan found and saved!

Jesus Christ found a man who was lost, undone, and on
his way to destruction! Let's look at this experience
in God's Word. (Read Luke 19:1-10)

Why this scripture? Why this morning? Why you and
Me? Why is it important? Because Jesus is passing
this way this very morning, just as he passed through

Story: Zacchaeus, despised, rejected (a tax
collector). A full purse, an empty heart! He had
power and position, but his heart was empty.
(Zacchaeus heard of Jesus, blind men saw, lame men
walked, sad men had joy.) His secret question, "Can
Jesus do anything for me?" He was hungry for God.
There is a place in our hearts that only Jesus can

He wanted to see who Jesus was! He was hindered by
the crowd. The press of the crowd. The world,
friends, pride, position will keep you from seeing
Jesus! If you see Jesus this morning you must make
the effort.

ILL. of Judge Navarro. Pride kept him
for Jesus for years. I'll go see what has
changed my sons. I almost missed eternal life
because of pride! Satan will do all he can to
hinder you from seeing Jesus. He is truth; the
truth shall set you free!

I tell you today under the unction of God! Jesus is
passing by you this morning and wants to save you just
as he did Zacchaeus.


Verse 5 - Jesus look up and saw HIM.

I don't know why you are here in this service, but
someone here perhaps ...

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