Practical Arrangements by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
2 Corinthians 8:16-24

INTRO. The great point of interest of this passage is
its practical nature. Paul always seems to have his
"head in the clouds", but "his feet on the ground!"

The use of money has been and is one of our greatest
problems. Paul not only spends time motivating people
to give, but an equal amount of time on how to gather
and administer it! What we are dealing with here is
Paul's plan of administration.

I. THE FOLLOW-UP COMMITTEE, or the Finance Committee.

Three men to follow-up - collect and carry away the
offering begun a year ago.

1. Its personal. Verse 23

1) Titus. They knew - had met him before.
A person of confidence - vs. 16-17

2) A great preacher. Verses 18-19.
Famous for the gospel. You cannot really
separate the two. The message and the
money. Why did they choose a great
preacher? They knew his heart was in the
winning of lost souls. Elected by the
churches - "a raising of hands".
Democratic body. The church must control
its finances - reason for budget - each
vote each voice heard.

3) A sincere - experience layman - Verse

ILL. of Jeanne's mother - "What
blockhead did they elect chairman this
year?" "ME!"

We need the viewpoint of all men needed a
level headed layman or this committee not
to obstruct but to point out - "much wisdom
in many councils." Why all this trouble
and detail?


1. Verse 20 "avoid this". The word is the Greek
used "of furling (taking down) the sails of a
vessel to avoid a disaster. A look out spots the
clouds, the ripple of wind coming across the
water and gives the call ...

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