Bible Words To Men by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Deut. 31:12, Eph. 5:25, 1 Peter 3:7

INTRO. Eph. 6:4 - "Father, provoke not your children
to wrath."

(newspaper article from Burbank, CA.)
Recent studies by social scientists suggest that
fathers surprisingly exert more influence than mothers
on their children's religious practices and sense of
reverence and morality.

Some research also indicates that poor fathering or no
fathering contributes to poor sexual identity of both
sons and daughters. The studies suggest that a
reasonable balance of fathering and mothering
contribute to the healthiest development of children,
and that fathers by "actions which speak louder than
words" have a greater impact on growing children than
previously supposed.

University of California sociologists, Alan C. Acock
and Vern L. Bengston found, as expected, that the
"religious beliefs" of children could best be
predicted by examining the beliefs of their mother.
But they unexpectedly found that children's sense of
piety and church attendance were most likely
reflections of their father's religious practices.

Clearly from the very act of creation itself, God has
thrust before men the challenge and responsibility of
spiritual leadership. God never intended for a wife
or mother to have to wear the mantel of spiritual
leadership alone! You tend to religion; I'll make a

ILL. of God dealing with the family that was to
bear the Savior of the world. He spoke to/through
the father!

Matthew 1:20-24, 2:2, 13, 22. No less true today!

Man in their ignorance and indifference toward
spiritual leadership and the needs of wife and
children bear much of the responsibility for the rise
of the feminist movement.

There are so many calls, demands on men for time,
energy, commitment, interest, what does God's Word
say? What is to be our direction?


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