Moses And Mother's Day by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Exodus 1:6-2:10

Are mothers a vanishing breed? Aldous Husley
prophesied this in BRAVE NEW WORLD. But at that time
no one really believed that "test-tube babies" were
possible. Now we are in the midst of a biological
revolution. With experimentation in artificial
insemination, embryo implants, and artificial wombs.

Recently published articles and books tell of a future
motherless society. One woman may conceive a child,
another carry it to term. Who is the mother?
Experiments with sheep in artificial wombs have so far
proved successful. And experimentation with human
fetuses in tube-like wombs continues. Some scientists
are predicating the time when human reproduction will
be asexual.

The old Negro spiritual "Sometimes I Feel Like a
Motherless Child" may become true physically as well
as spiritually. Perhaps a child physically my have
two mothers, or be his mother's genetic twin (see
April 9 issue, page 11). The biological revolution
raises the fundamental question of the meaning of
motherhood. A question that science cannot answer.
Motherhood - at least as we think of it - may be on
the way out."
(Quote from some publication!)

God meant mothers to have tremendous impact on their
children for right and good.

Moses's mother, Jocabed, had such an influence on him.

Quickly this morning, we examine God's Word for
insights into the
influence she had on him.

Lincoln was riding in a stagecoach, as they rode in
those days, in company with a Kentucky colonel. After
riding a number of miles together, the colonel took a
bottle of whiskey out of his pocket and said, "Mr.
Lincoln, won't you take a drink with me?" "No,
Colonel, thank you," replied Mr. Lincoln. "I never
drink whiskey." They rode along together for number of
miles more, visiting very pleasantly ...

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