When Your Family Is Under Attack by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Eph. 6; Deut. 6

INTRO. William Rasberry, newspaper writer, said,
"Reason American family is in trouble is:
First they consider their family to be of secondary
importance. Their #1 priority is themselves, growth,
fulfillment, "me first" - neither the economic or the
employment status of the parents is the key. What
matters is whether the family is at the center of
their concern!

The reason for our emphasis for this month is because
the family is at the center of all we do that is
eternal, godly and lasting. When this is not true,
all the forces of hell come against God's
first creation after man himself, the family.

I will not bore you with statistics about the
breakdown of the family, our lives, our very focus
reflect the reality of the fact that families here and
all around the world are under attack!


ILL. God ordained three basic institutions,
1st the home: Gen. 2
2nd the government: Gen. 9, Rom. 13 for the law
that we can live in peace.
3rd the church: The church was to undergird the

When the home fails the government and church fail and
fall! So we can understand why. Satan would come at
the home! Because that is the place God is in business
and at work trying to establish joy and fulfillment in
the world.

ILL. University of Oregon professor did 25 year
study of stress factor. 100 points ultimate
stress (mental emotional, anguish)
1. 100 - death of a spouse
2. 73 - divorce
3. 65 - separation in family
4. 63 - jail sentence
5. 63 - death of close family member
6. 53 - illness or injury
7. 47 - fired from job
8. 45 - marital difficulties
9. 45 - retirement
Six of the top seven stress factors relate to the
family in one way or the other.

ILL. Of family like Bullseye, 1st ring family,
2nd ring is the peer group; next circle the
school; next th ...

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