Silver Threads among the Gold or It's Not So Bad to Grow Old! by Miles Seaborn

Silver Threads among the Gold or It's Not So Bad to Grow Old!
Miles Seaborn
Isaiah 46:4

INTRO. When I think of the topic I have assigned myself, I'm not posing as a expert. But with all these adults present surely we can learn something. I feel somewhat like the man who entered his mule in the Kentucky Derby. A friend asked why in the world did you enter, you know you can't win. ''Well,'' he replied, ''I know I can't win but I thought I could benefit by the association.''

We are caught up in the youth syndrome. Youth is advertised, glorified and seems to be the ideal of the world. And it is glorious to be young!

Our outlandish efforts to hold back the hands of time the first grey hair - the short skirts. What's so bad about growing old?

Disraeli - Youth is a blunder, manhood is a struggle, old age a regret.

But for the Christian each advancing year is more like this! - Job 5:26 - ''Thou shall come to thy grave in a full age like a shock of corn cometh in his seasons.''

R. Browning reminded us - ''Grow old with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life for which the first was made.''

Or Joseph Campbell - ''As a white candle is a holy place - so is the beauty in an aged face.''

Psalm 16:31 - White hair is a crown of glory and is seen most among the godly.''

I. YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP SOMETHING ILL. of 97 year old man and 93 year old woman who went to Dallas after their marriage and spent their honeymoon getting out of the car.

1. Some of the physical limitations must be faced


1. The joy of seeing the handiwork of God's spirit in the lives of people. Life's great joy seeing people you have taught or influenced growing in grace.

2. They joy of growing old with someone you love. You have learned likes and dislikes. What can be changed has, what can't has been accepted. - The joy of companionship.

3. They joy of wisdom - Titus 2:2 - The mature man be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith in love ...

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