God's Place For The Single Person by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
1 Corinthians 7:17 LNT

INTRO. Single people, people living alone constitute
the greatest number of possibilities of enlistment and
growth as any age group in our church. Over 200 adult
people in our church family are not married at this
time and are living alone. Some live alone by choice,
others feel circumstances have compelled them to live
without a mate.

This is a problem shared by saint and sinner alike -

ILL. Miss Florence Luscomb, 83 yr. old. Time
Magazine - Women's Lib. Miss Luscomb, who never
married, thoroughly enjoys communal life. "I have no
living relative," she explains. "I have lived in an
apartment by myself, and it's very lonely. You come
home at night to a dark house and cook your meal
with no one to talk to. That's not a human life. A
human life requires human contact."

What about the vast and growing number of people
across the land? Does God have a place for them?
What are their needs and aspirations? What does God's
Word say to them?

Singles who say - "You don't understand!" -

ILL. Of difficulty to understand with my not
being single. So true - yet the thought struck me -
Jesus was single! Till the day he died, He
experienced what it was to live alone even in the
midst of many - so if I understand or not, Jesus does
and this is the important thing! Jesus said "My grace
is sufficient!"

What seems to be the basic problem of living alone?
There are many - but there seems to be 3 basic
questions that come up again and again.


How descript is God's Word - Psalm 102:7 & Psalm

No man careth for my soul.

1. The Lord Jesus understands loneness - Mark
14:50 - "And they all forsook him and fled."

2. Yet loneness is basically an attitude of the
heart and mind - not just circumstances of life -

ILL. Of nothing more lonely than to be in the
midst of people ...

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