How To Live A Spirit Filled Life by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Eph. 5:17-21

Let's pray together: "Father, we thank you for the
promise of the Spirit, we thank you for the presence
of the Spirit, and we praise you for the power of the
Holy Spirit within the life of every believer. And I
pray that during this time together this morning that
everyone of us might be so yielded to you that indeed
you may anoint us, fill us, and control us by your
Holy Spirit. For we pray in Jesus Name. Amen"

Now the Christian life ought to be an abundant life.
I am always appalled at the defeat within the lives of
many Christians. They don't seem to experience
victory. If it is victory it is generally what I call
a vicarious victory, the same kind of victory I get
when I watch my favorite team on TV win. I don't
really win, but I sort of win with them. Many people
sit in church pews and they watch others win and
experience the victorious Christian life and abundant,
but they never really win for themselves. They never
really experience personally this victorious life in

It's so very important, because when Jesus saved you
that was just the beginning of your Christian life.
It was the end of the Christian life but not the tail
end. It was the front end and just the beginning of
the blessings of God upon of lives. "And there's
more, so much more than the first sweet day when we
first came to know Christ." So God wants you not only
to be saved, but His purpose for every child of God is
also to be Spirit filled, to live an abundant
Christian life, filled and overflowing.

This kind of life is not achieved by education. Some
Christians might think that if they could just learn
enough about Christianity or about the Bible that they
would automatically become Spirit-filled Christians.
But is not by education alone that we live the
Christian life. Neither is it by activity. Some
people substitute activit ...

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