Why Is Lordship Necessary? (3 of 3) by Miles Seaborn

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Miles Seaborn
Luke 12:13-48
Four Signs of a Sensible Steward

INTRO. In Luke, Chapter 12, Jesus teaches us what a
sensible steward is.

October month of Stewardship/Lordship Emphasis

Lordship settles the POSITION issue of my life (Who is
going to be #1 in my life)

Lordship settles the PERMISSION issue of my life (Who
has a right to my life)

Lordship settles the PROFESSION issue of my life (Who
will enter the Kingdom of God in salvation)

Lordship settles the POSSESSION issue of my life (Who
owns the things in my life)

When Jesus became Lord of my life, I became a
successful steward. "It is required of a steward that
he be found faithful."

Stewardship is taking and managing what God has given
me for His glory!

I will begin to manage the resources God has given me
when I understand who owns them: my life, my family,
my home, my job, all my possessions.

In Luke 12, Jesus begins to teach us how to be a
sensible steward.


12:13 - A picture, a bad picture of stewardship forms
Jesus was speaking of deep, life changing principle
when He was challenged about money! Possessions

1. He Was Irresponsible to Himself - vs. 19

Though he could make a life out of the things he
had - material things "Take it easy, eat drink
and be merry!"

ILL. Rudyard Kipling - a person's values are

Don't pay attention to fame, power and money.
When you meet a person who cares for one of
these things, you will realize how poor you
really are. He thought he could live off the
material things of life.

2. He Was Irresponsible to Others - vss. 17-19

He didn't realize that God's blessings meant that
he should be helping other people. God's
blessings seem to him to mean to keep more or
all for himself.

ILL. 12-13 Personal Pronouns. I, I do, My crops,
I will do this, My barns, I w ...

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