Why Is Lordship Necessary? (2 of 3) by Miles Seaborn

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Miles Seaborn

INTRO. The challenge of preaching on
Lordship/Stewardship. I do like the following story:

It seems there was a preacher that made a bet that he
could stay in a haunted house all night long. If he
did, the prize would be $100. The bet was on and he
entered the house about dark, knowing that there was
no such thing as ghosts. When morning came everyone
was surprised that he stayed and asked how he did it.
He explained..."To keep away pranksters, he locked the
doors, boarded up the windows and built a fire in the
fireplace. Suddenly he saw a terrible looking creature
in the corner. It was a ghost. The preacher READ HIS
BILE for several hours - the ghost was still there.
The preacher prayed for couple of hours and the ghost
was still there. After he read and prayed, he got his
hat and decided to take an offering. The ghost got up
and walked out!

Listen carefully today!

Three messages in a series on Lordship. Last Sunday
asked the question, "Why is Lordship Necessary?"

1. Lordship settles the POSITION issue of my life in
control #1 John 21:1-17

2. Lordship settles the PERMISSION issue of my life
who has the right - Luke 9:57-62


When we settle the Lordship issue it is no longer talk
- it is action! Obedience.

It is not only saying He is Lord with our LIPS, it is
saying He is Lord with our LIVES.

Turn to Jesus' Words Luke 6:__/Matthew 7

Luke 6:46
"Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not what I say."
vs. 46

1. The Lord Was Surprised
He asked the question. "Let's talk about Lordship for
a moment. I'm surprised that some of you call me Lord,
Master, Boss and don't do what I say." Even Jesus is
amazed that people make a profession without baking it
u with their lives. Breathing out words of Lordship
and are not obeying me and doing what I tell ...

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