Why Is Lordship Necessary? (1 of 3) by Miles Seaborn

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Miles Seaborn

INTRO. In a little church in Eastern Europe just
after prayer time, bursting in the front door were
about a dozen Communist soldiers with masks and
automatic weapons who surrounded that small flock.
They said many bad things about Christians. They said
that if anyone did not believe that religion to get
out as quickly as possible. Dead silence and suddenly
about half of the small congregation exited as quickly
as possible. About 50 remained. There was deep
silence as the remaining Christians wondered what
their fate would be. They were totally surprised when
the Communist soldiers took off their masks and said,
"We are believers also, and we want to worship with
you. We just wanted to get rid of the hypocrites!"

One word described the difference between those who
left and those who stayed. That one word is LORDSHIP!
Those who bailed out didn't have Christ as the center
of their lives. They had never settled the Lordship
issue. We will always exit! Take the easiest,
quickest way out. Let's talk about it!

Last week - "What is Lordship?"

Five things Jesus teaches us in the Gospel concerning
what Lordship is:

1. It is submission to God's will. Matthew 8:2
2. It is placing God first in your life. Matthew
3. It is accepting responsibility. Matthew 25:14-30
4. It is doing the will of God. Matthew 7:21-27
5. It is personal obedience to God regardless of the
cost! John 21:15-23

In all my years of ministry as a missionary and a
pastor, I have found that when Christians step over
the line and settle the Lordship issue, they become
more balanced in their lives to resist temptation.
There is a joy and happiness and there is a
fruitfulness in their service that they never know
until they cross the Lordship line.

Two reasons...


Lordship s ...

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