The Willing Giver by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
II Corinthians 9:1-5

INTRO. There is a delightfully human touch in the
background of this passage. Paul is dealing with the
collection for the saints at Jerusalem. But now it
became clear that Paul has been encouraging the
Corinthians to give and to generosity by quoting the
example of the Macedonians (8:1-5) and that he has
been encouraging the Macedonians to generosity by
quoting the example of the Corinthians (9:1-2; verse 2
- that they were the first) and now he is just a
little afraid that the Corinthians may let him down.

ILL. Calvin, however, thinks that the apostles
wavered between confidence and anxiety. He knew the
readiness of their spirit, but he feared the
instability of human nature.

ILL. of Dr. Criswell. Their budget this year
_________ His daughter Ann said, "It was hard on the
whole family at budget time. He was always saying, 'Oh
my soul, let's get down on our knees and pray about
the budget.' We got calluses on our knees at budget

It was typical of Paul and the greatness of his heart.
For the whole point is that he never criticized one
church to another! He praised one to the other! He
never quoted to one church the faults and failing of
another. He always quoted the things he could praise.

"It is a good test or standard by which to test a man
to watch whether he delights in retelling the best or
the worst about others."

Why do we give? Paul asked "Have you done it under
pressure?" vs. 5b



Duty carpets along the way but it wears thin! Luke
15:25-32 many of us Christians identify with this
fellow-little real joy of or in the service of Jesus.
Done like a bill paid to the tax collector! Sometimes
we give with such obvious bad grace that the ...

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