Christ In The Midst Of Your Trouble by Miles Seaborn

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Matthew 14:21-32
By Miles Seaborn

This is a true story! Yet many have trouble believing Almighty God
could walk on water when man can walk in space! We read this
account and will ask, "Why is this relevant today?"

There is a sense in which all of us need to walk on water. This is not
just what did happen; there is a lesson for us today, because all of us
have problems we need to learn what to do with.

Now see this. Jesus led his disciples into a problem! Verse 22: "Jesus
made the disciples get into the boat." It seemed as if they were
reluctant to go! They were sailors. They could see a storm brewing,
yet He led them into the storm! Why? Because He wanted to teach
them something that they could only learn in the midst of the storm
and He wanted to teach you something! Let's don't
miss the lesson.

In the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus gave the lesson and then the test.
Here He gives the test and then the lesson! The test - a near
shipwreck - storm! "We are going under," and about that time Jesus
came walking on the water! Middle of problem/wind against them/
no progress/darkness/land/didn't know.


1. Distance from the Shore.
"A considerable distance" (KJ) " In the midst of the sea."

ILL. Sea of Galilee, 10 kilometers wide. They were
in the middle, five miles from either shore. They were
right smack dab in the middle of the problem! Are you in
the middle of a problem?

2. The Direction of the Wind.

"contrary" "The wind was against them." Rowing, back ore,
bent to oars, perspiration. Every foot forward one backward.
Are you not making any progress in your problem? Okay. Pay


3. The darkness of the night.

The fourth watch was the darkest hour of the night! Couldn't

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