Living With Dying, You Can Get Out Of This World Alive! by Frank Pollard

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I John 5:11,12
He was a big man, this oil field roustabout: big muscles, big heart, big
appetite, and big mouth. He had a simple philosophy about work. He worked hard,
cheerfully doing everything he was told. But he never worried about it. He
would dig ditches and lay pipe, but he felt no responsibility if what we did
didn't work. His favorite saying was: "Don't worry about it; none of us is
going to get out of this world alive, anyway."
My roustabout friend is wrong. Some are going to get out of this world
alive. In fact, you can!
In the fourteenth chapter of Job, this concerned man is asking about the
same thing. The question really had nothing to do with the discussion. It was
one of those questions that you keep putting down, keeping it inside. Most of
us have some of those. We don't ask them because it just wouldn't seem to do
much good. Yet, once in a while they pop out. This is what happened to Job.
This question just jumped out of his hurting heart: "If a man dies, shall he
live again?" (Job. 14:14). The question just hung in the air. There was no
answer to this cry from a groaning spirit; this attempt to conceive the incon-
ceivable, to utter the unutterable. It was another futile attempt on the part
of a finite mind, longing for infinite truth.
One day, hundreds of years later, when the One who has the answers had come
to earth, He was talking to a heart-crushed, left-lonesome sister. And He an-
swered the question! He that believeth on me, though he die, yet shall he live!
(John 11:25).
The question keeps coming up. Because death is so certain, it keeps coming
up. The grave digger approached the new preacher in town and said: "I don't
see why you preachers come out here. It don't do no good. Men like you keep
comin' out here and talkin' about a sure and certain hope of resurrection through
Jesus Christ. Every one of them is gonna die. And, pr ...

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