by Frank Pollard

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"The Adam Family, Part IV, Raising Cain and Other Kids"
Genesis 41: 1,2
We've been talking about the Adam Family in recent days. Three weeks
ago we spoke of the purpose that God has for all of us and the
partner that God gave Adam in the home and it is to be a place of
encouragement and she is to be a helpmeet. We talked the next week
about the stages of marriage, about the ideal - the honeymoon stage,
the ordeal - when the fuzzies die down and people face the realities
of living with each other and then if they survive, they have to come
through to the love deal where you work at it. Love is something you
do, not just something you feel. We talked about those statistics, a
study that showed that one out of every two marriages in America ends
in divorce. If people are married in a church, just married in a
church, that's all they know, then one out of fifty ends in divorce.
But if people are members of a church and they attend that church,
and they read their Bibles and they pray, the study shows that one
out of 1,105 marriages ends in divorce. Last week we talked about
letting go and hanging on. We are to let go of parents and people
and problems and not bring too much baggage into our marriage. We
are to hang on, hang on to each other, to make that choice, to accept
each other, to pay attention to each other, to forgive and encourage
each other and to show physical affection to each other, but today we
are going to talk about raising Cain and other kids. In Genesis
4:1,2 we read in the scripture "Adam lay with his wife, Eve, and she
became pregnant and gave birth to Cain." And she said, "with the
help of the Lord I have brought forth a man." And later she gave
birth to his brother, Able. When the children came, just think,
there were no grandparents to help and to love. Children talk about
interesting things. One day three youngsters were bragging to one
another about how tough they were. "I'm so tough I ...

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