When You Wonder About Jesus Christ by Frank Pollard

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Luke 7:19-23
John the Baptist is in prison. That's not an enjoyable
assignment for anyone but how extremely hard it must have
been for John the Baptist. This hard hitting, hard preaching
prophet was a rugged outdoorsman. Constantly on the go,
never still, he was like some people you may know, the kind of
people who folldw you into a revolving door and come out ahead
of you. John attacked a day like an eagle takes to the sky.
Now he is in prison. He had never been walled in before.
He is in prison, not for doing wrong, but for- telling the truth
about a wicked king and his wife. He has time to sit, brood,
think and wonder: "What kind of world is this where an evil
man like Herod can do wrong and still live it up in his palace
while I'm sitting in this wet, smelly place?" It looked to
John like evil was winning. His disciples had brought him
good reports about his distant cousin, Jesus. John remembered
the first day he saw our Lord Christ. What a day it was! For
months crowds had been coming from all the land to hear John
preach. Hundreds had repented their sins, and had been baptized
by John. On that day the sky was filled with an excitement
born of God's Holy Spirit. John saw Him and was inspired to
say: "Look, there He is, th-e ch-osen One. the Lamb of God who's
going to take away the world's sin."
He had been so sure, but now things are so different. "If
He really is who we thought He is, why is this happening?"
So John sent two of his best people to Jesus of Nazareth to
ask: "Are you the one or do we look for someone else?"
John's questions are being asked today. Of course, not
everyone is doubting. The world is still inhabited by some
who are so sure. Some are so certain Christ has no place in
their lives. They worship at the altars of gold and greed,
and power, and lust. Like the ancient Greeks they deify their
desires and never give God a second ...

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